Widely regarded as one of the top five best wedding photographers in the world, Jerry Ghionis is based in Beverly Hills, California and Melbourne, Australia and travels frequently on international photography assignments and speaking engagements. With the flair of a fashion designer and the ingenuity of an architect, his style can be described where vintage glamour meets contemporary fashion. Renowned for his creativity, he not only has the ability to capture natural magic on your wedding day but he creates magic of his own. His love and empathy for people creates powerful visual storytelling. With the innate ability to make everyone look and feel beautiful in front of his camera, Jerry’s images are often simple yet a complex blend of soul, drama, imagination and technical skill. Whether he is shooting a glamour session, lifestyle portrait or boudoir beauty, Jerry has the ability to bring out the best in any situation.

Jerry Ghionis

A Nikon USA Ambassador, Jerry was named in the first ever list of Top Ten Wedding Photographers in the World by American Photo Magazine. Grand Master of of WPPI (Wedding & Portrait Photographers International) and the most awarded photographer of that organization, Jerry has won their International Wedding Album of the Year Award for eight times among his long list of accolades and WPPI also included Jerry in their Top Five Wedding Photographers in the World. Jerry has won the AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography) Victorian Wedding Photographer of the Year for 3 times and was also named as the 2011 Australian Wedding Photographer of the Year by the AIPP. For four times Jerry has achieved the PPA (Professional Photographers of America) Diamond Level Photographer of the Year Award. In 2009 Jerry won the SWPP (Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers) Photographer of the Year Award among 10 major awards. In 2011 Jerry was named by PDN Magazine as one of the top photography workshop instructors in the world. In 2014, Jerry received a United Nations IPC (International Photography Community) Photography Leadership Award.

Creator of the Ice Society, a photography training site, and designer of the Ice Light, a revolutionary LED continuous light, one of Jerry’s passions is the creation of his non-profit charity, the Soul Society, which he co-founded with his wife, Melissa. Their charity was created with the purpose of caring for poor, homeless and orphaned children in third world countries, one soul at a time. 2014 marks the launch of an app created by Jerry called, Picpockets: World’s Best Photographs. It is the “go to” app for photography education and inspiration. In 2014, Jerry reinvented the staple in every photographer’s tool kit with the Omega Reflector. Manufactured by Westcott, it creates gorgeous beauty lighting as the world’s first 10-in-1 shoot through reflector.

Jerry is available for wedding, portrait, fashion, special event and speaking engagements anywhere in the world.

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A unique perspective…

Jerry Ghionis

 June 18, 2015 by Jerry Ghionis

You may remember an album I created specifically for the WPPI 16×20 Print, Album & Filmmaking Competition​ a few years ago which was made up of several polaroid collages.

Polaroid collage

If you want to see the entire original design, visit my Good Gallery client web site, found here.

I use the competition to reinvent myself. It puts a deadline on my creativity as I challenge myself to produce unique albums and enter fresh prints each year. The album was one of the most ambitious, challenging and difficult album designs of my career. The design created a sense of movement in each spread. It makes a 2D image almost appear 3D. It was like creating a puzzle from the inside out with no knowledge of the final image. When I began creating it, I was in a creative zone like never before. Each image had to be placed individually and carefully. It took me six long days with very few interruptions to produce this album. Since all the images had to be placed into position one by one, a reasonable knowledge of Photoshop would be required. I am by no means an expert in Photoshop so I called my good friend Andrew Funderburg from Fundy Software Inc He created the base templates for the book and after a short tutorial, his software made it easy to bring my vision to life.Thank you Fundy!

My inspiration for this design came from the master of polaroid collages, David Hockney. I usually prefer a simply designed album but as I mentioned, the WPPI competition forced me to think differently. I try to disguise my entires so the judges don’t assume it’s a “Jerry Ghionis” album. Well, I was rewarded! I won the album of the year award for the 8th time with that very album!

It’s a love or hate album. It’s deliberately chaotic and it was a huge risk but it was designed with purpose. It is truly one of my favourites and it is the most difficult design I have ever attempted. I have featured the design on my web site ever since and thought it was like the “Ferrari” in the showroom. Most will stop and stare at it but will most likely never buy it. Well, last year a couple booked me for that very album. I am currently putting the final touches on the album and presenting it to the couple tomorrow. I’m so excited that a couple has the guts to order this kind of album. The moral of the story? You sell what you show. Don’t believe that the industry forces you into a particular style of photography. Love what you do and put it out there. People will book you for your unique perspective. Unashamedly and unapologetically be yourself. Put your heart on your sleeve (and your web site) and you may not be the most popular photographer but people will book you for the work you love rather than the work you have to do.

Here is a sample from the new design:

Polaroid collage

Love what I do!!!


6 thoughts on “A unique perspective…

  1. Love the concept and your words are so true. There is always so much pressure we put on ourselves as photographers in order to be “liked” – the problem is that it leads to uniformity and a sea of similar looking images and albums. Hats off to you for pushing yourself and others to think differently, reinvent and stand out from the crowd.

  2. jerry ser! may be you just gotta too mach compliments but let me give ya toooooo muuuuuch compliments ser you are the best photographer i don’ saw a great photographer in my entire life and i saw a few tutorials of you esp the wedding photography i did like all of them! and u like your smile(laughing technics to got a smile groom and the brife ones! respect

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Announcing my new book “Darling!”

Jerry Ghionis

 June 11, 2015 by Jerry Ghionis

So excited and proud to announce the release of my second printed book “Darling!” It features my favorite wedding, portrait, fashion and boudoir work over my 22 year career and set against a backdrop of my philosophy on life, love and photography. Every photo includes meta data and the forward was written by Roberto Valenzuela and the afterword was written by David Anthony Williams. It has contributions by Tamara Lackey, Beverlee Barthel, Jesh de Rox, Tony Hewitt, Rebecca Brooks and Sandy Puc-Quiroz. This is the cover (front and back). If you want to see a behind the scenes video of how the cover was created, want more information and to purchase click here.

Jerry Ghionis Darling Book Cover


One thought on “Announcing my new book “Darling!”

  1. This is a fantastic book. I read half of it at home and half of it on an airplane to Paris. Jerry is so good with his camera ( a Nikon Ds although an IPhone will do), it brought tears to my eyes.

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I am 42 years old today. I never celebrated my birthday growing up and it has been only in the last few years that I have paused to acknowledge that it’s a way for those you love to celebrate the love they have for you.

I woke up today feeling very emotional. 42 years ago my mother brought me into this world. If you know her, you would describe her as fun, crazy, dramatic, sentimental and fiercely loving.

My mum had a very tough life growing up and she also survived breast cancer with a double mastectomy in the last several years‎. On February 16 of this year she suffered a massive stroke. She wasn’t found in that “ideal” 4 hour window to get her to the hospital to hopefully prevent long term damage to her brain. Melissa and I were in the US at the time when we got the phone call from my brothers. We immediately raced to the airport but we were told that by the time we land in Melbourne, she may have already passed away. It was the worst 14 hours of my life. I didn’t know whether she would be dead or alive by the time we landed. The good news is that she was still alive, the bad news is that as with most stroke victims, people are left with half their body paralyzed and with incoherent speech. I can’t tell you the sadness I felt seeing someone so close to me looking so helpless. My body literally ran out of tears that day as I suspect will happen again by the time I finish writing this post.

All our family have taken care of her in our own different ways over the years. When we are in Melbourne, Melissa and I used to visit her at least once a week and spend half a day eating, drinking, playing cards and laughing until it hurt. My mother lived for love. She wanted nothing more than time with her family. When Melissa and I would leave for the US, we would send her on a trip to be with our extended family in Greece.

Melissa and I made the impossible decision to return to the US to attend WPPI this year. We were told that she needed as much rest as possible and there was nothing more we could personally do in the early stages after the stroke. It would also be a much needed distraction. With all our responsibilities at WPPI, although we were smiling on the outside, we were dying on the inside. We returned to Australia immediately afterwards and spent quality time with her. We all very hopeful that she would recover her mobility and speech but it wasn’t looking good. It has now almost been 4 months since her stroke and there still has been very little improvement.

You may have noticed that I have been very quiet on social media for the last few months until about 2 weeks ago or so. How could I share my life with the world when I was only feeling pain and helplessness? I didn’t want to admit to myself that the state she is in now maybe as good as it gets. I’ve surpassed the initial shock of her stroke. I’ve surpassed that feeling of helplessness (at least I thought I did), and it was time to accept that she may always have half her body paralyzed and not be able to communicate for the rest of her life. About 2 weeks ago when we returned from a European trip, I felt refreshed and ready to accept the things I cannot change and to do what I love to do and that is make a difference in other people’s lives. In times of hardship, I find comfort in focusing on others rather than reveling in my own misery.

I woke up this morning with tears in my eyes. My birthday made me think of my mum. I don’t think I’ll ever swallow the pill to accept my mother’s predicament. All I can do is find comfort that I have no regrets. I treated her like a queen and spent quality time with her. I gave her everything she needed. Our whole family has. Although our family is extremely close, this tragedy has made us even closer.

Why share this publicly? Call it therapy. Although there is always hope, I’d rather accept what’s happened to her and have a pleasant surprise than let hope kill a little piece of my heart each day. Saying it out loud may help me. It may not. Either way, today, on my birthday, I celebrate my mother.

I have been in this industry for over 22 years and although I love it, I can’t stand the negativity and the constant pursuit for people to be “famous,” the jealousy and the misguided stepping on others to do anything to be successful. What does success really mean to you? For those starting out your journey in this industry and to the seasoned veterans, your success is right in front of you. Your health, family, friends and the time you spend with them should be what your version of success is. We spend our time as photographers immortalizing moments for other families at the expense of our own. Use what you do for a living to influence people in a positive way whilst fiercely protecting what your version of success is. Popularity, money, awards, notoriety etc. come and go. What remains constant is family. Self love and self respect is the key to loving and respecting others.

I know many of you have actually lost your parents and/or gone through a lot worse than me. I appreciate that. I totally empathize with you. I hope we find comfort in each other.

How important is photography? This photo was one of the last photos I took of my mum before her stroke. After spending hours with her every week she would smile and wave goodbye and you would know that she would spend the entire week looking forward to the next time she would see you and cook for you.


If I have influenced you in a small or large way over the years and you want to give me a gift, organize a time to have your family photographed. Cherish your family as you are already successful.

Thank you for sharing my birthday.

Life moves forward.

With a heavy heart,


6 thoughts on “Today on my 42nd birthday, I celebrate my mother

  1. Dear Jerry,
    I only learned of you yesterday, since then I’ve watched “Posing Everyone!”, as well as all of your movies on your website. I want to thank you for all that you so graciously share, it’s so helpful. I can only hope that the wedding I’m shooting this Sunday will benefit from your assistance.
    Then tonight I found your blog and it’s your Birthday! I truly feel like it’s my birthday with all that I’ve received from you. The timing is uncanny.
    I’m very sorry to hear about your mother’s condition. I can only imagine the joy you have brought her, throughout her life. It’s obvious that she’s a very special Mom to have raised such a special son. I understand her too, I’ve always told my children that the only gift I want is time, hugs & kisses from them.
    Your talent is amazing and again… thank you for sharing your joy & wisdom.

  2. Deat Jerry,
    I do not have those cruel experiences watching your parents or children suffering that you and others have.
    But I have to tell you here that you really touched me. I wish you and your family all the best. I hope you find joy and love at your birthday. Congratulations !

  3. Happy birthday Jerry,

    Sad but very profound story you share us here. Full of wisdom too.
    We are fortunate to have you and Melissa as mentors, not only as photographers but also in the real life.
    Yes you largely influenced us and Yes, we’re going to organize this birthday gift you asked.

    Thansk for all Jerry.

    From Madagascar

  4. Jerry,

    What a moving and thought provoking tribute to your mother, I was so sorry to hear of her condition. Please continue to talk to her when you visit – there has been research that indicates that people still can know what’s going on around them even though they cannot respond to you.

    Thank you for sharing your inner most thoughts, it just goes to show what a caring individual you are. What more could any Mum ask for than to have a family like yours? I’m sure that she is very proud of you and your siblings for being such great and appreciative family to her. I know that we’re all very, very proud of you! Please know that you remain in our thoughts and prayers daily, with special ones going out to your precious Mum.

    Happy Birthday & Hugs to you……

  5. Hi Jerry,

    Happy (belated) birthday! What a moving story and insight in your personal life. Sorry to hear your mom is going through these tough times (and you along with her). Keep up the hope and keep doing what you are doing. She might not be able to verbally express it, but she still enjoys your company. That will never change.

    I hope she will get better in time. Big hugs to you (and Melissa).


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One of my favorite images of recent times…

Jerry Ghionis

 June 4, 2015 by Jerry Ghionis

Yes, I’m trying to revitalize my blog. Check back in from time to time. I’d love to share some inspiration with you!

I’m so excited to share one of my favorite images of recent times. In an industry where most artistry is achieved after the photo has been taken there is nothing I love more than a photo that is simple but striking and achieved in-camera. I certainly use Photoshop to enhance my images but I prefer what I call “invisible” Photoshop. As in, what was done in post production is not evident. In this way the result is far more timeless and void of distracting elements that will almost certainly date. This photo, however, was created in-camera.

The bride, Sara, pictured below is a photographer and there is always that little added pressure that you are photographing someone with a more sophisticated palette.

I walked past the bride’s house and noticed a simple reflection of the white overcast sky against a silhouette of the groom who was walking next to me. I noticed that I could see through the silhouette of the groom and into the house. I thought, “How cool would it be to have the bride’s face montaged and merged into the groom’s face!” It would appear like an in-camera composite. It would be a perfect metaphor of when two people become one.

I asked the groom to stand in front of the window as I squatted down to see if I could get his clean silhouette against the overcast sky. The trees behind us were in my frame but I wanted to remove the distraction. Once you remove context from a shot, you enhance the mystery.

The groom needed to be higher off the ground so we found a little step ladder for the groom to stand on. All I needed to do was direct the bride who was inside the house and position her within the groom’s profile.

Here is a behind the scenes shot…

BTS shot reflection silhouette
Without a beautiful expression from the bride, the result would simply be a clever shot but I needed something more. I asked the bride to “say I love you” to the groom with her eyes. Her expression was perfect. You clearly see the love and respect that Sara has for Steve. Here is the result…

wedding silhouette reflection award winning

Nikon D4s
70-200mm VRII Lens shot at 195mm
1/320 sec
320 ISO

I love the way the shoulder of the groom could be mistaken for the bride’s shoulder. The groom’s hair could almost be mistaken for the bride’s hair. She is perfectly placed within the groom’s profile to complete the metaphor of when two souls become one.

I’m proud to say that this image came in first place in the Bride and Groom together category at the 2015 WPPI competition  beating over 350 images. As you may or may not know, Melissa and I took over as competition directors of the WPPI Print, Album and Filmmaking competition in 2014. A significant change we made was to disallow composites in the wedding and portrait divisions. Composites are certainly allowed and celebrated but must be entered in other divisions. So when the judges scored this print, there was no doubt that this was achieved in-camera. It certainly helped the judges to understand the degree of difficulty and vision required to achieve this image. A special thanks goes to the one and only Rocco Ancora from Capture to Print who completed my vision and brought the print to life.

If you appreciate and have learned from the example above, there are plenty more where that came from. I have been training photographers online for over seven years on my educational web site, the Ice Society. A new chapter is released every month with countless hours of wedding, portrait, fashion and boudoir shoots, tutorials, critiques and much more. There are a minimum of three “before and after” examples as pictured above featured on the Ice Society every month. As of June 2015 there are are a total of 90 chapters! So there are over 270 examples waiting for you.

A one year subscription usually costs $299 but I am happy to give you 50% off to celebrate the rebirth of my blog!

Click here to join for 50% off. Promo Code: blog150



14 thoughts on “One of my favorite images of recent times…

  1. Beautiful image!!!

    I’ve always wondered about the judging part – do the judges see the studio/photographer’s name when judging any particular image or is it a “blind judging”?

  2. Love your creativity! I would have never even thought to do something like this. Just one of the few things that separate the good from the great. BTW, love the behind the scenes shot!

  3. Esta foto, como tantas tuyas, reúne todas las cualidades de le expresión. Desde hace algunos meses te sigo en internet, por la web. blog y Facebook. He de decir que tu trabajo es admirable y tu visión de la fotografía de boda está en lo mas alto de la perfecta creatividad. Felicitaciones amigo!!

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I am so excited to announce the release of a new invention of mine! Since the release of the Ice Light over a couple of years ago, my juices have been flowing to solve common problems when it comes to lighting for photographers.

I am proud to announce the world’s first 10 in 1 “shoot through” reflector, the Omega Reflector! The Omega Reflector combines the effect of a traditional reflector with the luxury of a beauty dish and a ring flash, offering the ultimate lighting control for gorgeous beauty lighting!

Using just one light source, you can produce a main light and a back/hair light and create gorgeous beauty lighting quickly and easily. Manufactured by Westcott, it’s unique design creates incredible catch lights that make eyes pop! Suction cups are included for quick mounting to glass and a durable travel case with a shoulder strap for effortless travel and portability.

We are doing a pre-sale for a reduced price of only $99 (Normal price $119.90) It will be delivered  in 8+ weeks. We will not charge your credit card until we ship your oder. BTW You will not get the Omega quicker any else in the world as we have the first limited stock. As inventory becomes available, other dealers will have stock in the upcoming weeks/months.

For more information, examples and to purchase, visit http://www.theomegareflector.com


Shoot through reflector

In the following video Jerry explains how to use the Omega and shows some examples of it in use including some RAW straight out of camera images to understand the power of the Omega.


21 thoughts on “The Omega Reflector: The world’s first 10-in-1 shoot through reflector!

  1. Jerry ,i would like to say that im a big fan of yours in greece as a photographer ,i have watched with admiration all your seminars ,and i would like to ask you cause i also yous nikon d3 and d800 dslr ,,i have noticed that you use allot of 70-200 vr2 lens ,,,what are your other lenses that you work ,,,,-eg (85mm 1.4 for portraits )-(14-24 mm 2.8 for wide angle shots ) mainly for wedding photography ,,the reason im asking this is that im amazed and dazzled with the great photos you take ,,,,,,in greece we dont have the opportunity of taking great wedding picture due to the lack of the prices here cause of the oikonomy crises ,,thanks for helping me allot in my work ,,,and i do hope to here fro you soon ,,,,

  2. Hi Jerry, please bare with me as you currently in the process of changing my life. I am in a unique place, I receive 100% of my income from photography, graphic design. I have found a niche market with my home town that has allowed me to make hundreds of thousands of dollars over the last 20 years. I am an expert in my niche, and i the lions share of the work. HERE IS MY PROBLEM. As i look back, I realized that i have sold my soul to an niche industry of mediocracy. I may have even sacrificed millions for the easy Hundreds of thousands. The photos I take get published for advertising all the time, I have a ton of returning clients because i produce profitable images for them. I can do this with my eyes closed and for years i never pursued getting better because i was getting paid. I ALSO NEW MY VALUE. Because of this, I knew that I was in an industry where they didn’t have or want to produce budgets for “the good stuff”. So I mastered giving them blah work. Now at 42 I have had an epiphany. 20 years ago, i was too naive to know what to do. 20 years from now I may be too weak to do it, therefore, NOW IS THE TIME. I have since started caring about photography again with the zeal of wanting a great photo. Searching youtube, found TONS of stuff I already do with my Eyes Closed. THEN I FOUND YOU…. I watched your 2 hour B&H light seminar. The first hour, I was with you and already felt the same way as you 90%. Then the second hour BLEW ME AWAY. I actually had just shot a model that same day earlier and love the photos. I then went back after your “enlightening conversaion” and realized I was so close, but not there, And I DIDNT KNOW, WHAT I DIDNT KNOW. I feel like Im 2o again, I have started keeping my camera on me all the time, not just at my studio. I plan to impregnate your world and be born to it thru your inspiration. I just wrote all of this to say “thank you” in advance. I hope these words find you. I will follow and soon purchase some of the benefits that you sell. F. Alan, Detroit, MI USA A professional Amateur…

  3. I must say that not having to setup a light stand that gets knocked over every wedding would be great!! I don’t always have a second shooter either. So, it’s a pain in the butt to keep the stands out of the way so they don’t get destroyed.

  4. This sounds really good for making some portraits during weddings. Because I have often problems in difficult light situations regarding direct sun or sun from different positions and I do not like to use the flash all the time. This reflector could help me in the future 😉 Great idea 😉

  5. Just ordered mine sounds amazing .we have such harsh lighting in the Whitsunday’s Queensland will be great for this

  6. Hi Jerry Sue Considine from the Whitsunday ‘s Australia I did a workshop many years ago in Brisbane ..I just was wondering what happened to my reflector I ordered it on the 17th May2105 and paid with paypal to be honest I forgot all about it until I was going through my invoices from Paypal I paid Anthropics Technology Ltd is that your company ..I paid $49.95 US for it Can you please let me know what I have to do to get my product ..My Address is 40 Chapman Street Proserpine 4800 Queensland Australia ..I have printed out all the details about the unit and I feel it will be great ..Many Thanks Sue

  7. Can I simply just say what a comfort to uncover someone that genuinely knows what
    they’re talking about on the net. You definitely realize how to bring an issue to light and make it important.

    More and more people should read this and understand this side of the story.
    I can’t believe you are not more popular given that you
    most certainly possess the gift.

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