The Portrait Composite Masterclass


Learn a system to create Art, not just photos. Camera & lighting set ups, working with a model, post-processing - It's ALL covered.


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Create Art, not just photos!

No matter the style, learn how to arrange a shoot from start to finish.

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“Jerry broke down posing and interacting with his models into understandable concepts that I can actually use in my Portraits. It took my artwork to a whole new level! Plus the post-production tricks that I learned - amazing tricks worth the course itself.”

“After taking this masterclass, I took a friend and practiced. She couldn’t believe the difference I was able to make, after only the first half of this course! Instant gratification, I’m so happy I purchased this course!! Thanks, Jerry & Kelvin!”

“I didn’t know how to take action Portraits - this course taught me the settings and lighting to use to pull it off. I can now do portraits of athletes, acrobats, and dancers, not to mention I got some great tips on how to interact with them for better results!”

This course is for you if…

You want your portraits to be art, not just photos that will be forgotten.

You want to know it all, from correct camera settings to dressing your model, lighting, and retouching.

You want to impact people’s lives through the portraits you create.

Create Masterful Art From Every Image You Take!

What You’ll Learn

In this fun compositing project, you will see how we take shots of Anna Dangerous, our archer - paying homage to Tomb Raider.



Welcome to this course! In this first video, I’ll talk about what accessories to use and what will complement and enhance the shoot and make your model stand out!


Get the Shot

In this video, I’ll show you how we use the accessories, how to pose and position your model to look attractive and intriguing, how to position the lights, and then take the shot.


Wrap Up

Here you get a quick summary of how to bring out the best in your model and why I used the lights this way so you can make these techniques your own.


Post Production Intro

A quick overview of how to take your model and combine it with an environment of your choice to really enhance the final result and make it all look realistic and stunning.


Basic Composite

Here you learn how to professionally outline and extract your model from the studio setting and insert her infront of an amazing Egyptian background.


Color Adjustment

To make it all look real, you now learn how to adjust the color of both the model and the background, so they fully belong together. You learn to adjust the temperature of your images, the white po...


Fine Tuning

Here you learn how to fine-tune your composite so that the lights and overlays best complement your shot and draw your audience in. You will learn to use the color mixer to make it all come together.


Final Tweak with Jerry

Here you learn what final tweaks are needed to ensure the composite has a professional touch and is magazine cover ready.

Chloe Outdoors

In this project, you will see Chloe and how we shot her outdoors in the Las Vegas desert next to a vintage trailer in a windy setting.


Setup and Get the Shot

Learn how you shoot on location, deal with wind, and the sun, positioning and posing your model to get the best shot you want in this setting. Learn how to use a reflector to make it all come toget...


Post Production Intro

A brief overview of how you can further enhance an on-location shoot and why you would to make it convey a certain vibe or era.


Sky Replacement and More

Here you learn how to do sky replacement to make the image more interesting, you will also learn how to use an overlay and a lens flair to make it all come together and communicate a specific sunny...

Jessica Rabbit

In this project, you will take a cartoon character Jessica Rabbit and reenact a famous pose from the film in real life. Learn to light, pose and capture your subject.


Emulate A Style of Lighting

Here you learn how to emulate a light setting prior to your model arriving. So you get the exact lighting and feel you want to get across without wearing out your model. You’ll learn how to u...


Getting the Shot You Want

Here we match specific classic poses and some new ones to get the exact playful yet alluring feel we want to emulate. You see how I further use gels, pose hair, hands, and eyes to get that unique l...


Post Production Intro

A quick intro on how we will add spotlights, curtains and take advantage of the edge light captured in camera to bring the image to a whole new level. We will make something cool even cooler!


Extract and Composite

Learn how to select and extract your model efficiently. You will also learn how you can find and add a complimentary background, then how to emulate depth of field using the blur tool. Last but not...


Tweaks - Moving the Bust Line

Here we go over the entire composite and what needs to be done to bring it to the next level. You also learn what techniques you can use to move up the bust line while retaining overlapping hair, s...


Tweaks - Re-shaping the Model

Here you learn how to remove distracting hair and reshape the body of your model to your liking using the liquify tool non-destructively (so you can adjust as needed as you go along), resulting in ...


Tweaks - Final Skin Retouch

Here you learn how to use Frequency Separation to give your model amazing skin, glow and remove any imperfections, thereby giving it the final tweak to make it all come together.

Luca Breakdance Evolution

In this project, you follow Luca, our professional breakdancer, from flip, hurl and jump to finish.


Introduction - The Breakdancer

Here you get a brief overview of this project, how you should be shooting a breakdancer in motion to get a fantastic result at the end. See what directive control you can set at the beginning and h...


Lights - How to Emulate the Sun

Here you learn how to set up the lights and position the model to emulate the sun and cast the exact shadows we want to achieve.


Shooting a Breakdancer in Action - Part 1

In this fun lesson, you learn my directive control so you can capture rapid action shots, whether shooting a handstand, mid-air jump, or even a dramatic flip with clarity and sharp shadows.


Shooting a Breakdancer in Action - Part 2

Here we capture more fun action shots - hand flips, head over heels, breakdance flips, Luca's signature moves, and more. You see the settings and interactions to make them all happen.


Review and Settings

Here we review all the action shots taken and go over again what settings were used to get the same results using just one light and a model.


Post Production Intro

Here you see what the final composite will look like, how we chose the images to make the final composite, and why they go together so well.


Proper Cropping for Extraction

Here we cover the different blending modes of Photoshop so you can leverage them to get the best extraction of your model. Then you see how to crop the images, combine them and position them &ndash...


Correct Extraction Keeping the Detail

Here you learn select and mask and how to properly extract your model from the background - including a neat trick – using blend modes.


Extraction using Quick Mask

Here you learn to use a quick mask and the refine edges tool to further speed up extraction. Then by separating the shadows from the model how you get further control of the overall look. Then you ...


Review with Jerry

Here we go over what needs to be adjusted to make the composite more aesthetically pleasing and to catch anything that needs further adjustment. How we use overlapping elements to make it all come ...


Fixing the Details

Here you learn how to clean up the details, so you have a pristine background and uniform shadows. You will see the clone stamp tool, the patch tool, the healing brush tool, and content-aware fill ...


Jerry Finesses

Here we review the final composite, give it a final tweak and remove anything that distracts to finalize our Evolution Portrait composite.

Marina in Black & White

Here you learn how to capture Marina on Aerial Lyra (steel circle) hanging from the ceiling. Learn what lighting challenges you need to overcome to capture her.


Nailing the Concept

Here we go over the entire concept of the shoot and what we are trying to achieve before we start taking any shots. This will make it easier and more streamlined in the next step.


Choosing the Costume

Here we pick the Costume that will best work with the concept we established. Including having Marina test out the different costumes to see which will look best in the final shot.


Setting up the main Shot

Here we go over the entire studio set-up, all gear, and lighting to make the shot come off. We’ll cover the backdrop, lights, and camera settings that will make Marina look her best. Then we ...


Adjusting Light and Getting the Foundation Shot

Here we remove the edge light to nail the foundation shot and add another reflection to enhance Marina further and then go through the various poses in the Aerial Lyra (steel circle) to finalize wh...


Getting the Left Shot - Falling Dress

Here we go through the different poses, including ones that have movement, such as a flowing dress, to get the best possible shot. We do several takes to get the timing and motion just right to cap...


The Right Shot - Model Originated Poses

Here you learn how you can let the model originate which poses will work best to convey the concept. This way, you’ll end up with the perfect image capturing your model’s talents &ndash...


Hero Shot Wrap Up

We go over what worked best for this hero shot and what effort it took to get the images just right for our gorgeous hero shot.


Post Production Intro

A brief overview of what steps to take to get the final composite of the hero image. You will see what we are going for and what needs to be done to make it happen.


Extraction - Camera Raw Tip

Here you learn how to combine all 3 shots realistically and then how to best outline Marina using a simple Camera Raw technique that will show you more detail otherwise not visible in the Black and...


Final Extraction - Retaining the Shadows

Here you see the final extraction and how you can retain the shadows realistically even when they are overlapping with other elements. 


Tweaks with Jerry

Here we go over the final composite and do any needed tweaks to the skin, hair, and dress to enhance the image further. Plus, we show how you fix the tonality of the various shots, so they fully in...


Final Tweaks with Jerry

Here we do final touch-ups to the skin, background, and overall crop to make the entire composite culminate in a mesmerizing result.

Marina Ballerina

Here you’ll learn how to capture Marina the Ballerina doing various Ballerina moves and jumps and combining them into a beautiful and colorful composite.


Introduction and Set-up

Here we go over the entire set-up to get great Ballerina shots - what lights to use and how to keep Marina in the frame even when jumping. You will see how Fill Light and Main light are positioned,...


Getting The Left Shot - Falling Forward

Here we go through different poses to get the left shot – a falling forward pose that will lend itself perfectly to our composite later.


Getting Center Shot - Jump

Here we get the center shot – ballet jump mid-air with the dress flowing outward. We do multiple takes to get the one that will make the cut. 


Getting Right Side Shot - Falling Back

Now we get the right side shot to complete the ballet composite – here again, we do multiple takes to see which will fit the triangle best to create this mysterious, sensual look we are going...


Wrap Up

Here we summarize the entire shoot, how the images complement each other, how we got this dramatic shot, and what local resources you can use to get similar shots yourself.


Post Production Intro

Now we go over what triangular composition we are trying to achieve, what the final result will look like that we are trying to achieve and the challenges involved.


Combining the Shots

Here we combine all 3 shots into one composition and move the images into their final place so we know what we need to extract next and can start the extraction process. You learn how to use blend ...


Extracting Marina

Here we finish extracting Marina in the remaining poses and match the background, so the background connects seamlessly into one.


Composition Adjustment

Here we finish the composition so that the background is just one uniform color, further lifting the model off the page. We will use Camera Raw and further masking for this. You will also learn how...


Adjusting Little Details

Here you learn how to remove any distracting hair, stretch out a bent finger, retouch the skin using frequency separation, remove any blotchy skin tones, and remove any highlights or even skin defe...


Tweaks with Jerry

Here we do any final tweaks that will further enhance Marina - we address the eyes, the mouth, highlights, and creases in the dress – till we get this amazing result.

Marina On Rope

Here you’ll learn how to capture aerial acrobatics done by Marina hanging off a rope and then combining the various shots into a massive composite.



Here we cover another exciting project where we will be shooting Marina suspended from the ceiling with a rope – and briefly go over the setup and what we are trying to achieve.


Getting the Shots

Here you learn how we captured Marina on a rope suspended from the ceiling – light settings and all. You learn what a shoot like this took to do and how much fun it can be.


Post Production Intro

Here we cover how we made this vision come to life – having 3 people hang off the same rope seamlessly as if there are triplets for our final composite.


First Extraction

Here you learn how to create a great-looking background first, then add the rope, extracting Marina and adding her into the main composite. You will learn using Quick Mask, how to extend a backgrou...


Second Extraction

Now we extract Marina hanging sideways off the rope for use in the middle of the composite. Will use the Quick mask tool, brush tool, and Camera Raw to pull this off.


Last Extraction

In this last shot, we have Marina holding onto a rope using just her legs - which is the final shot we will be using for the bottom of the composite. You will use Camera Raw to change the contrast ...


Assembly with Jerry

In this lesson, we arrange all 3 shots of Marina and make them seamlessly connect, so all are hanging from the same rope. We will use Camera Raw, levels, and masks to make the result blend together...


Tweaks with Jerry

Here you learn how to mask Marina’s nails and colorize them, so they complement each other, do a nip and tuck, then use frequency separation to make the skin color look totally smooth.


Final Touches with Jerry

Now we give the composite a final touch-up by addressing the texture and color where needed - first by removing any blemishes and then using color to harmonize the whole shot to get a stunning fina...

Natalia Editorial

Here you learn how to capture an editorial/fashion shot of Natalia and how from wardrobe to lighting to bring out the best in the model.



This time you will learn how to do an editorial/fashion type shoot which is perfect for specific settings. You learn the lighting setup and why a color backdrop was the best way to go.


Getting the Shot

Here we go over the right lighting, suitable camera settings, the most flattering posing choices for Natilia, and how we arrived at them.


Final Composite

Here you learn how first to extract Natalia using Quick Mask and the brush tool to get a clean extraction. Then you learn how to add a car in the background, adjust the color and add other elements...

Thane The Boxer

Uppercut left hook, you name it - all while capturing the well-defined muscles and postures worthy of an MMA champion.



Here you get to know Thane, the boxer and MMA fighter, and what props we will use for this next exciting and fun project.


Set-up and Shoot

Here we go over the camera settings, lighting, and set-up to capture clearly defined muscles and poses that will work best for an athlete like Thane. We use boxing gloves as well as different boxin...


Wrap Up

Here we review the different boxing shots taken and how they came out, and what we will be going for next.


Post Production Intro

Here we outline the boxing composite we are going for and what we are trying to achieve in the final composite of this project.



Here you learn how to set up the main image, create the background, bring in all the other shots and then mask out all the different boxer poses from the background.


Accentuate & Removing Labels

First, you see how to change the clarity and exposure to really accentuate detail and grunge on the boxer and how to copy that setting to all other poses. Then you learn how to remove the label on ...


Placement and Effects

Here you see the final placements of each shot and what exciting effects you can apply to make them all come together for this final composite.


Skin & Color Corrections

Here you see how we enhance the boxer's skin and overall color to make the whole image have this vintage feel we are going for.


Final Review with Jerry

Here we do the final review of the composite and how the vision came to life, resulting in this career-defining composite for Thane.


Learn how to capture a Hollywood-style portrait of two twin tap dancers and how to transport them to a cool-looking western-style set.


Introduction & Set-up

Here we go over the set-up to photograph a classic portrait of two amazing tap dancing twin brothers and how we set up the studio for them.


Getting the Shot and Wrap Up

Here you see how to pose both brothers the best, and how to position their hands and feet to create an impressive portrait that makes both men look flattering.



Here you can see the final portrait along with the western background that we will be merging the images with so we get this stylized shot.



Here you can see how to extract both brothers from the studio while retaining all essential elements to transport them into the western-style setting realistically.



Here you learn how to combine the extracted portrait with a Wild West background convincingly by adding shadows, and adjusting color and overlays to make it all come together smoothly. We use Camer...


Final Tweaks with Jerry

Here we tweak the Westerns Portrait composite, so it looks even better, including adding a window glass reflection, adding more shadows, adding texture, and overall enhancing the atmosphere of the ...

Imagine you could…

  • Feel confident in directing your portraits because you know they will look great.
  • Have anyone trust you because you can make them look better in the portraits you took.
  • Master post-production and confidently create masterpieces!

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The Portrait Composite Masterclass


Learn a system to create Art, not just photos. Camera & lighting set ups, working with a model, post-processing - It's all covered.


" Jerry and Kelvin teamed up to create this masterclass. They were able to share with you the entire process from idea to final image. You’ll learn field-tested tips that will help you create incredible images every time."




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Create Art, not just photos!


Act now! This special offer is ending soon...

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The Portrait Composite Masterclass


Learn a system to create Art, not just photos. Camera & lighting set ups, working with a model, post-processing - It's all covered.