Wedding Photography Business Bootcamp

Are you a photographer in business,
or are you a business person in photography?

you're invited!

My 60 minute Bootcamp will change the way you think about running your wedding photography business.

If you want to turn your passion for photography into a viable business. Or maybe you just lack a proven, successful roadmap to making it as a photographer.

I am one of the most successful wedding photographers in the world, and I want you to be successful at it too.


You will learn…

Understanding where spending your time is most fruitful.

Tips, tricks, apps, and programs to organize your workflow and maintain a work-life balance.

How to find and market to the right clients for you.

How to properly brand yourself.

How to educate your clients to give you the time you need to do your job spectacularly. 

How to condition your clients to spend money on your services.

PLUS, you’ll receive a free gift just for attending. And, I’ll be hosting a full Q&A session.

Wedding Photography Tips and Tricks


Learn how to capture amazing wedding photos on the fly AND create a priceless wedding album!

"What I want to share with you in this bundle is understanding what will make you successful, what will give you longevity, and really what the business of wedding photography is all about. If your work is in a higher caliber and you get your marketing to a different level, that’s a marriage made in heaven."

Jerry Ghionis

Make the most amount of money, in the least amount of time, and enjoy the process!

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"I recommend Jerry Ghionis to everyone that is in the photography industry, especially on wedding and portrait business. He is a great instructor, I have learned so much from him.

The knowledge Jerry shares in the course can truly be applied to any business. I learned SO much. My business is booming only thanks to you Jerry! I can’t thank you enough.

Jerry Ghionis is the No.1 in the world when you talk about wedding photography and workshop/seminar. With his training, I turned my passion into a successful business!!!!