Wedding Album Masterclass


Learn how to shoot, arrange, and deliver a beautiful wedding album that will be priceless.

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This masterclass is for you if…

You struggle to sell the idea of albums to your clients and only offer jpegs.

You’ve tried creating albums in the past but the results weren’t great.

You don’t know how to get the right shots to create a wedding album.

Master the art of creating the perfect wedding album.

What You’ll Learn

Learn how to increase the value of your wedding photography by producing incredible wedding albums.

I’ll teach you everything you need to know so you can add this service to your business.

From selling the couple on having an album, shooting with the album in mind so you have all the shots you need, through to arranging all the prints so they look amazing. You’ll learn start to finish how to master the whole process.


Imagine you could…

Increase the value of your services AND amaze the couple, master the art of creating the perfect wedding album & know exactly how to get the right shots so the finished result is incredible and valuable.

Hear what photographers have to say…

“I always thought that couples just want jpegs. But using the techniques Jerry teaches it’s clear that once you start talking about wedding albums and the couple sees the proofs they instantly fall in love with the idea. I’ve been missing out for years!!”

“I’ve tried making albums in the past and I realized doing this course why they never looked great. I wasn’t shooting with spreads in mind. Jerry laid out a very thorough process for getting this right and it has changed everything! Thank you!!!!!”

“I’m just setting up my business and I’m so happy I took this course. If you want to learn industry secrets from one of the best wedding photographers in the biz - take this course”

"Offering wedding albums is something I’m incredibly passionate about. It is the easiest way to stand out in the wedding photography business and when you are shooting with this in mind you actually achieve a better collection of photos. I’m really excited to be sharing all my secrets with you in this course!"

Jerry Ghionis


Wedding Album Masterclass


Learn how to shoot, arrange, and deliver a beautiful wedding album that will be priceless.

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8h 34m


Beginner / Intermediate

Photographing for the Wedding Album


Changing a Client’s Perception of Print

In this digital world, you may find that some clients do not value printed products as much. Here are the things you can say and do to increase that value for your clients.  I show you how our...


Photographing with Purpose

I’ll tackle the topic of photographing a wedding in a “candid” style versus posing or directing your subjects, and also walk you through a recent wedding.  Learn my thought p...


Display Albums

If you offer wedding albums to your clients, you must show albums to them at every opportunity. Here are all of the ways you can condition your clients so they will be purchasing an album from you ...


Collections that Include Only JPG's

Some photographers offer wedding collections that include digital files. If you find that you are having a hard time getting clients to choose a collection that includes an album, I have some sugge...


Think of Album Spreads

It may seem intimidating to worry about photographing for the wedding album while also dealing with all of the other pressures on a wedding day.  I’ll walk you through footage from a rec...


Think of the Story

The photos that you group together on the spread of an album, and the order you put them in, are also important. I’ll share some important “do’s” and “don’ts&rdq...


Build on the Story

When photographing for the album, you begin with a base image, then build from there with complementary images.  I’ll demonstrate this with photos and videos from a recent wedding, to sh...


The Bride

A live shoot to demonstrate how I would photograph a bride’s coverage on the wedding day.  I’ll talk through my entire thought process along the way, to explain what I’m doin...


The Groom

I continue my live shoot by photographing the groom and talking through the decisions I make based on the future wedding album.  


The Couple

I continue my live shoot by photographing the couple together while demonstrating exactly how each photo will fit into the wedding album later on. 

Album Design


Laying the Foundation

Now it’s time to design the wedding album using the images that I took during the live shoots that were covered in the previous lessons.  I begin by uploading the images and roughly grou...



Now that I've uploaded all of the images into album software, let’s go back and look at each layout for the bride’s coverage.  We will tweak and adjust the layout, and I’ll e...



I’ll now go through and refine all of the layouts from the groom’s coverage.  You’ll understand why some images are full bleed on an album spread and why some spreads include...



Refining each of the album pages that feature the couple’s portraits, and why I designed them this way.



After designing each spread, I’ll review the album from beginning to end with fresh eyes.  I offer a series of tips and suggestions based on these lessons.

The Post-Wedding Process


Post-Wedding Turnaround Times and Deadlines

The very first steps that you should take immediately after you have photographed the wedding, including average turnaround times and how to set up the album appointment.


The Album Order Appointment

An in-depth explanation of what the album order appointment is. We’ll walk through the entire process of how I share the layout I have designed with the clients.  I’ll also walk th...


Extra Costs

Once you have walked through the entire album layout, I’ll discuss how to talk to your client about the cost of any extra pages in the album. 


Editing the Album

When a client wants to make changes to the album, I share the process of helping them choose which album pages to change and which ones to remove completely. I’ll also help you to overcome th...


Upgrading the Album

After working with your clients to make changes to the album on the spot, I’ll teach you my tips for helping your clients get over the line to purchase the upgraded version.


The Album Reveal/Wall Art Order Appointment

Here is how the meeting goes when your client sees their physical album for the first time. I share my process for offering wall art options to the client at the same time.


More Sales Opportunities

Once all of the wedding day products have been delivered to the client, I give you future sales opportunities that you can make available to the couple so you can create a lifetime client for your ...

Real Wedding Album Order Appointment



I pre-design an album for a couple that I will be meeting with, and talk through the process and why I design each spread the way I do.


Eloise & Lachland, Part 1

I share a real-life album order appointment.  When a couple is unable to come into the studio because they live overseas, I will arrange to do the album plan via Skype or Zoom.  In this l...


Eloise & Lachland, Part 2

After the initial walkthrough, there will always be changes that need to be made to the album.  We have prepared the couple ahead of time so expect that this process can take several hours.&nb...


Eloise & Lachland, Part 3

Once the couple is happy with each page of the album, I’ll show you how I calculate the price for the extra pages in their album.  When the price is outside of the couple’s budget,...


Eloise & Lachland, Part 4

When the couple has given the final approval for the album layout, I’ll explain the process going forward and asking important questions with regards to retouching, and what the timeline will...


Best Possible Outcomes

Once I’ve finished the meeting with the couple, Melissa and I talk about the logistics of the meeting, including the financial side of things as well as tips on how to set yourself up for the...


Act now! This special offer is ending soon...

Hours Mins Secs


Wedding Album Masterclass


Learn how to shoot, arrange, and deliver a beautiful wedding album that will be priceless.

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