The Photographer's Ultimate Guide to Posing

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Transform every photo shoot by unlocking the secrets of perfect posing for every subject.


"I’ve seen Jerry pose his subjects in his videos and always dreamed of having something like this to refer to. I look at it before every shoot and, although a little scary communication-wise at the beginning, I’m now confident I can effectively pose anyone!"
Monty Mann

"I rarely get to work with models that know how to pose. This guide has helped me take control of my subjects. The photos I’m able to take now are WAYYY better than before. It’s amazing because now more people are asking me to photograph them."
Claudia Alder

"Well, who would’ve thought I had to know posing as the photographer… Know that I do, I’m getting better photos. It’s so simple. I’m really thankful I got this book. I practiced directing my friends and it’s so easy! Thanks! Highly recommend."
Ben Milner

This book is for you if…

Posing is scary but something you feel you should learn.

You never thought you needed to understand posing as a photographer.

You love photographing people but want to create better images.

Imagine you could…

  • Know how to pose anyone in a way that makes them look their best!
  • Have even self-conscious people begging to be photographed by you!
  • Master the art of posing and create the best portraits of your life!

The Ultimate Posing Guide – the definitive resource for photographers who want to elevate their photography.

Have you ever struggled to capture that perfect shot because your subjects just didn't know how to pose?

Do you wish you could confidently direct your subjects to effortlessly achieve the most flattering and engaging poses? Look no further – your solution is finally here!

With this comprehensive guide, you'll have everything you need to take control of every photoshoot and create stunning, high-quality images that leave your clients speechless.


"I pride myself on being able to pose anyone in the most flattering way. It’s an art that took me 20 years to master. I’m proud to be sharing this knowledge with you. I see so many photographers shy away from posing. The result? 90% of the drama and emotion you could create is missing. Let’s put an end to that!"

Jerry Ghionis




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Ultimate Posing Guide for Photographers


Don't miss out on this opportunity to unlock the full potential of your photography. Invest in The Ultimate Posing Guide today and start creating the breathtaking images you've always dreamed of!