Concept to Execution Series

Queen Klare

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Have you ever had an idea for a shoot but didn’t know where to begin or how to make it happen?


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“While I may never do a shoot like this, watching the whole process has given me the confidence and knowledge I needed to tackle some of my crazy ideas. An AMAZING course. Both educational and inspirational!”
- Ben C.

“Jerry made me realize that I don’t make art for myself enough. That I have people all around me who would help out in return for images. This class has been a real turning point for me both portfolio-wise and skill-wise. Thanks so much!”
- Leslie Y.

“Watching Jerry take this idea, following every step as he goes and the reaction to the final photos was so inspiring. This has reignited the fire in my artistic heart. I’ve just booked some friends to do a similar shoot in a few days! Thanks!”
- Leo F.

This course is for you if...

You are full of ideas but have no idea how to make them a reality.

Posing someone who has never been posed is difficult.

You aren’t getting the results you want from your lighting.

"You might not want to capture this style of image. But, this class is about giving you the steps you can take, no matter the budget, to take your ideas and share them with the world. I loved this shoot becuase it wasn’t work, it was about creating something special. I hope it inspires you to go out and make something special!"

Jerry Ghionis

Learn to turn your ideas into a reality.




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What You’ll Learn


The Concept

I’ll go over my inspiration for this shoot and talk about using this to nail down a concept before the day.


Planning and Making it Go Right

For a shoot like this, we need the costume, makeup, a model, etc, etc. I’ll teach you how to set yourself up for success and how to involve your friends in a shoot.


Pre-Shoot Portraits

In this bonus portrait session, you’ll learn what a great way to gain trust and make the most out of having a willing model in front of your lens can be.


Hair, Make-Up, and Costume

Using our inspiration images and working with our amazing model and team of willing helpers to bring the inspiration to reality.


Lighting Setups and Reflectors

Let’s discuss lighting options, using a three-light setup. As well as my tricks for creating flattering light if you don’t have access to lots of gear.


How to Control the Shoot

Getting the mood right in the room impacts your images. Learn how to control your subject and everyone else in the room to create the right environment to achieve your image.


Live Shoot - Posing, Lighting, and Communicating

Working with the model, the lighting, and the camera, let’s jump into the live shoot. 


An Unexpected Reward

I knew I had taken photos I was proud of, but, what would Klare think? Waiting to show your subjects your images can have some pretty rewarding and unexpected results.


Image Review

Going through these images will show you why I’m so insistent on getting things right straight out of the camera. I’ll discuss retouching as we review the images from the shoot.

Join me as I plan, set up, and execute a fun shoot in the style of Cate Blanchett’s Queen Elizabeth.

From brainstorming the idea - wardrobe and styling - to the full live shoot - posing, lighting, and camera work - learn my entire process from concept to execution.

This course isn’t about my idea. It’s about helping you make your ideas a reality!

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Act now! This special offer is guaranteed for the next...

Hours Mins Secs

Concept to Execution Series

Queen Klare

$97 $27

Have you ever had an idea for a shoot but didn’t know where to begin or how to make it happen?