Ice Society

Ice Society photography training by Jerry ghionis

The Ice Society is a subscription-based photography educational website created by Jerry Ghionis dedicated to empowering fellow professionals and enthusiasts to take their photography and business to new heights. A new chapter is added every month with all new material. Access all past, present and future chapters for twelve full months. The all new Ice Society is now iPad and iPhone-friendly with the ability to save and search your favorite features.

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Workshops / Seminars

Photography workshops Jerry Ghionis shooting

Widely considered as the most comprehensive photography and business workshop in the industry, Jerry Ghionis workshops consistently sell out and have been described as life changing. This is the ultimate opportunity for those who wish to take their photography, business and personal development to new heights. Jerry is rarity in the industry where his natural photographic talent is only matched by his business acumen and his ability to teach and inspire others.

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