Magic With Any Light


Master in-camera artistry in a variety of lighting conditions, to ensure magnificent results.

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This course is for you if…

You lack consistency in different lighting conditions.

You don’t feel confident when posing your subjects.

You’ve struggled with your post-production workflow.

Turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

What You’ll Learn

In this masterclass, come along with me as I shoot in a variety of challenging situations, from full sun to a candlelit room.

I’ll demonstrate the tools you need to master to take full advantage of any situation – using a variety of light sources, diffusers, and reflectors.

Finally, I’ll take you through the entire post-photography process, and present a workflow guaranteed to give minimum stress and maximum results.


Imagine you could…

Know the exact tools to use in any type of lighting, to obtain professional results. Work with your subjects to create photos that are massively impactful and irresistible.

Hear what photographers have to say…

 “Jerry really teaches how to capture a story in each frame on this course. I feel much more creative with my camera now!”
- V.N.

“I always hated trying to pose people. It seemed uncomfortable. But learning from Jerry and seeing how easy it really is, the positive effect on the images and the model is incredible!”
- J.I.

“Another amazing course Jerry! If you are looking for a lot of inspiration, a lot of knowledge, and some pro wedding photography tips you will LOVE this course!”
- I.B.

"I created this course to share a creative workflow that works. I want to help all photographers to feel able to get incredible results no matter where they are shooting!"

Jerry Ghionis

Weddings Series

Magic With Any Light


Master in-camera artistry in a variety of lighting conditions, to ensure magnificent results.

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2h 9m


Beginner / Intermediate



Full Sun - Part 1

I’ll demonstrate in a real-life situation how I follow the five steps whenever I photograph a subject. In this case, Lisa and Dillon in full sun – individually and together.


Full Sun - Part 2

I’ll further demonstrate my tips for shooting in full sunlight.


Reflectors in the Environment - Part 1

I’ll share some great examples of how to find reflectors in your natural environment and how to obtain a good exposure. 


Reflectors in the Environment - Part 2

There are certain things you can look for to find these natural reflectors in your environment.  And although we’re looking for natural reflectors, I still demonstrate all 5 steps. 


Omega Reflector

I demonstrate how to use an Omega Reflector in a live shoot.



I demonstrate how using a diffuser can help when you are photographing in full sun.



I’ll share tips on how to get a good, clean silhouette portrait.


Short and Broad lighting in Open Shade

I demonstrate the difference between short and broad lighting while photographing in open shade, when it may be harder to see the difference.


Open Shade

Tips on photographing a couple in open shade. Not all open shade lighting is good lighting!



Window Light

I’ll teach you how I use window light when photographing a bride or groom individually, and then using it to photograph the couple together.


LED Lighting and Reflections

Tips on how to use an LED light source indoors and I’ll teach you my tricks that will help you get a reflection from an unconventional surface.


Vanity Light

I’ll show you how you can use light sources in your environment – in this case, the lights from a vanity mirror in a bathroom.


Off-Camera Flash Bouncing off a Wall

In this lesson, I demonstrate using off-camera flash indoors while bouncing the flash off a wall for a softer look.



I show you how to use candlelight as your main light source, and what mistakes to avoid.


Wedding Post-Production Workflow

In this lesson I describe everything I do after I photograph the wedding, from downloading the images, backing them up, culling them, reordering and renumbering them.  I’ll describe the ...


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Hours Mins Secs


Magic With Any Light


Master in-camera artistry in a variety of lighting conditions, to ensure magnificent results.

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