Ice Light 2

Model holding an Ice Light

The new Ice Light 2 is a portable, dimmable, daylight balanced, continuous LED light source with a removable lithium-ion battery. Now providing 1,740 lumens of beautiful daylight-balanced output which is 50% more than the previous generation. Created for multiple uses including photography and film-making. Designed by world renowned photographer and lecturer Jerry Ghionis and manufactured by Westcott.

The Ice Light features the latest Lithium Ion battery technology and can be run both AC or DC power. The removable and swappable batteries provide for a full 60+ minutes at full power. Fast charge times are less than 2.5 hours.

Both ends of the Ice Light incorporate a ¼-20” Thread with the option of mounting to a light stand, tilter bracket or mini tripod. The LED array combined with the diffused front face offers an extremely soft and evenly wrap-around light source. This eliminates the need for additional light modifying tools. Lamps are true daylight color at 55ooK, a 96 CRI rating and built for over 50,000 hours of use.

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Omega Reflector

Omega Reflector shoot through reflector

Create gorgeous light with the world’s first 10-in-1 “shoot through” reflector.

The Omega Reflector combines the effect of traditional reflector with the luxury of a beauty dish and a ring flash, offering the ultimate portrait lighting control.

Have you ever found it difficult to avoid getting your reflector in your shot? No more with the Omega Reflector. It can be used as a standard reflector or as a shoot-through unit with an easily convertible 2:3 center frame with easy to attach/detach velcro panels. Using just one light source, you can produce a main light and a back light and create gorgeous beauty lighting quickly and easily. It’s unique design creates incredible catch lights that make eyes pop! Suction cups are included for quick mounting to glass and a durable travel case with a shoulder strap for effortless travel and portability.

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