A unique perspective…

You may remember an album I created specifically for the WPPI 16×20 Print, Album & Filmmaking Competition​ a few years ago which was made up of several polaroid collages.

Polaroid collage

If you want to see the entire original design, visit my Good Gallery client web site, found here.

I use the competition to reinvent myself. It puts a deadline on my creativity as I challenge myself to produce unique albums and enter fresh prints each year. The album was one of the most ambitious, challenging and difficult album designs of my career. The design created a sense of movement in each spread. It makes a 2D image almost appear 3D. It was like creating a puzzle from the inside out with no knowledge of the final image. When I began creating it, I was in a creative zone like never before. Each image had to be placed individually and carefully. It took me six long days with very few interruptions to produce this album. Since all the images had to be placed into position one by one, a reasonable knowledge of Photoshop would be required. I am by no means an expert in Photoshop so I called my good friend Andrew Funderburg from Fundy Software Inc He created the base templates for the book and after a short tutorial, his software made it easy to bring my vision to life.Thank you Fundy!

My inspiration for this design came from the master of polaroid collages, David Hockney. I usually prefer a simply designed album but as I mentioned, the WPPI competition forced me to think differently. I try to disguise my entires so the judges don’t assume it’s a “Jerry Ghionis” album. Well, I was rewarded! I won the album of the year award for the 8th time with that very album!

It’s a love or hate album. It’s deliberately chaotic and it was a huge risk but it was designed with purpose. It is truly one of my favourites and it is the most difficult design I have ever attempted. I have featured the design on my web site ever since and thought it was like the “Ferrari” in the showroom. Most will stop and stare at it but will most likely never buy it. Well, last year a couple booked me for that very album. I am currently putting the final touches on the album and presenting it to the couple tomorrow. I’m so excited that a couple has the guts to order this kind of album. The moral of the story? You sell what you show. Don’t believe that the industry forces you into a particular style of photography. Love what you do and put it out there. People will book you for your unique perspective. Unashamedly and unapologetically be yourself. Put your heart on your sleeve (and your web site) and you may not be the most popular photographer but people will book you for the work you love rather than the work you have to do.

Here is a sample from the new design:

Polaroid collage

Love what I do!!!


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  1. Love the concept and your words are so true. There is always so much pressure we put on ourselves as photographers in order to be “liked” – the problem is that it leads to uniformity and a sea of similar looking images and albums. Hats off to you for pushing yourself and others to think differently, reinvent and stand out from the crowd.

  2. jerry ser! may be you just gotta too mach compliments but let me give ya toooooo muuuuuch compliments ser you are the best photographer i don’ saw a great photographer in my entire life and i saw a few tutorials of you esp the wedding photography i did like all of them! and u like your smile(laughing technics to got a smile groom and the brife ones! respect

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